If the magic of life is dazzling here, it is out there too. Among the stars, the search may be difficult, but what about within the catacombs of our mind? If, ‘seeing is believing’, then thinking and understanding is certainly philosophy. Let’s take a fresher look in all that we know of, polish a little, and start a fresh chain of thought. Why not shed the boundaries of scientific disciplines, start at the very beginning, and think, as we walk the walk of life.

Who says the answers are impossible?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

To say, or not to say!

So, here I am, with my first ever blog account, completely blank minded!
There have been so many thoughts, which have sprouted in the past few years, I always wanted to pen down and share. Views, ideas, desire and frustrations, you name it. Now just look at me! As I am seating in front of my desk, steeling time from my research, I have nothing to say!  Is it common? Do all of you who write here regularly face the same predicament? To write, or not to write? To explore one’s own creative self, or to hide in a cocoon in the unexplored mazes of thought?
The second option sounds so tempting. The fantasy of getting lost, time and again, in one’s thoughts and hiding from others is marvelous. No one is there to criticize, no one to fish out the pure illusions, which, I can call my dream. No one to disturb in this self-imposed exile of candid brain storming.
However, there are times of desperation, times of suffocation in it too!
For sublime thoughts seldom like to remain stagnant in a single soul. Good, bad, cool or repulsive, whatever they may be. They will like to have their say in others. Selfishness with thoughts only kills them. I knew long enough that, however, should I try; I need to come out one day with them. That fine day, came to me with this blog account today, and I promise to do justice with it.
Now every expression has to have a self behind, so does this one too. Well, to be absolutely frank, I am a pure nobody! It has its own benefit of being a cipher in the crowd. In time, you do become a good observer. You can think of me as someone, who had never really tried to express, but has grasped with ardent interest everything that goes in his field of passion and beyond. I am a sizzling canvas of memories, colorized with mesmerizing thoughts, hiding from the dogmatic world, with a strong craving for an expression. The tides of thoughts finally had their way, and here I am.
So, the next question, which is obvious is, in case you are interested in visiting this blog more often to see me, what would you be expecting?
Well that’s easy to explain for now. I am a man of the molecules. Those, whom you generally like to call a biochemist. My fascination with the essence of life, has earned me a PhD sometime back and like a dedicated husband, I am still running with and around them, somewhere in a nice lab, located in a long island next to the big apple.
 So, is this a journal of an opinionated biochemistry? No, not to the best of my knowledge. As, I mentioned before, I am blogging stealing time from my regular research. So, such a thief is never expected to do justice with what he is thieving from. I will like to walk of-road from my scheduled thoughts; peeping beyond the borders of the sensible science. I will explore the dogma of ancient and forgotten science, deal deep into the theories of how life came in to being in the first place, and whenever possible try of fathom a bit into astrobiology.
Does it sound interesting? Maybe, or maybe not. However, there is no harm in listening to a hermit biochemist, right? So where is the harm in writing anyway?
For most scientists, it is always the predicted path we generally like to take, fearing for career, which earns us our bread and butter. Time and again, noble thoughts are ignored in concern of rejection and ridicules from our colleagues, and the close knit scientific community. Well, not very uncommon in other fields too, so science has never been an exception. Suddenly, from nowhere, these tucked away ideas have their way out, taking shape into theories.  New paradigm gets established.
How many times have we thought, that how much it took it to get them established in the first hand, and how many people may have thought about it before, came to the same daring conclusion and then rejected in silence, before someone got the courage to express?
So, am I one of those courageous lots? May be not! Though, I have my own views on certain aspects of biogenesis and biochemistry, which I have seldom shared. That’s what exactly I want to do here, along with a lot of discussion on things going on, in this subject, in and around. What is my own take on these things may not matter much to most of you people, but at least something interesting, like a solid foundation for discussion may come out of it.
That’s why I am so excited and hope you will be too if you have a chance to read me in the future. Sometime, I may be completely wrong and naive. Rebuke me, if you need and do criticize a lot. I feel, it will be a nice and enjoyable joy ride for all of us. So, why shy away from writing and discussing. Why not start the game.

In the words of a famous oriental (Bengali) writer, in translation,, let me finish the end of a new beginning of my journey.

Today before I go;
Let me say, “What is so?”
If there be no meaning for the rest;
Let, most of you never pay attention at their best.
Today let me take a ride at large;
Though the ocean of thoughts, at the very surge.

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